Insurance Defense

The primary goal of insurance is to allocate certain risks of loss from an individual insured to a larger number of people. Each individual pays a "premium" from which losses are paid out. Regardless of whether the particular individual suffers the loss or not the premium is not returnable. Thus, when personal property is damaged, a building burns down, someone dies, or you become sick or injured, the loss is spread to the people contributing to the pool. In general, insurance companies are the safekeepers of the premiums. Oftentimes, however, an insurance company refuses to pay a claim for any various number of reasons, i.e., failure to pay a premium, claim arises outside the covered period, exclusions, or alleged misrepresentations on the application. When this occurs, litigation is often necessary to resolve what is in essence a contract dispute. Because of its importance in maintaining economic stability, the government and the courts help regulate these companies to ensure fairness to both the consumer and the company. This law firm represents both insureds (consumers) and insurance companies in matters involving insurance claims.

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