Business and Commercial Litigation and Corporate Practice

We represent individuals and businesses both in the acquisition, sale and/or merger of other businesses. Critical decisions revolve around the structure of the deals. For instance, a transaction may be structured as a stock purchase or an asset purchase. There are significant tax implications depending on the structure of the transaction. Due diligence is often necessary to analyze and evaluate the prospects for the business being acquired and contracts will need to be prepared detailing the terms of the transaction. The avoidance of unforeseen problems and liabilities is of paramount importance. There are many other potential financing and banking issues to be addressed in any business transaction. You should be well advised before signing ANY document.

At Montague, Pittman & Varnado, P.A., we strive to assist as many people in need as possible. Our broad list of expertise has been developed and refined over several generations, allowing for an extremely focused understanding in each field. Our reputation as expert Mississippi personal injury attorneys is due to the vast number of areas we are capable of covering. Please review the list below and find the description that best matches your case.